My goal in life is to become an Elementary Education teacher. As a kid I always liked playing school and I would have my sisters be the classmates and I would be their teacher. I love coming up with fun lesson plans and new things to teach kids. I am a creative and organized person who loves kids. Before I can become a teacher I must first graduate from Salt Lake Community College. Another goal is to graduate with an associate of science degree. This will help me transfer over to the University of Utah where I can then get my bachelor's degree in teaching. I haven't decided which grade I would like to teach but anywhere in Elementary School would be good.  I completed 15 hours of volunteer work at Draper Elementary to get an idea of what teaching would be like.  I loved helping out with the 1st grade class like giving their spelling test every friday, reading to them, and helping them with projects.  I know that this is what I want to do for a career and it makes me happy doing it! That's the most important right?

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